August 21st, 2008

headwall, frustration

Anybody want a pair of bass-overbalanced earphones?

Well, I made a bad purchase from Amazon.

I bought two pairs of V-Moda Bass Freq earphones the other day, to replace the Phillips SHE9500s that I seem to have lost. I expected a moderate bass lift on them, which is helpful in earbuds; I didn't expect that bass lift to be so severe it destroys any balance the music might have had. I like well-balanced bass, not to crank my subwoofer up to the maximum setting when listening to music by Dar Williams or S. J. Tucker- I don't even like it for the Chemical Bros., actually.

It's more than a little gross to share or resell used in-the-ear earphones, so I'll keep the pair I've tried, but I have another pair new in the package. For anybody who can get it- I know there are a lot of locals who read this journal- I'll sell that pair for $19.50; if multiple people want it, highest bid, with ties broken by first to place that bid. $19.50 is, after the shipping cost, how much money I'll get back if I send them right back to Amazon, which I will do if I can't offload these locally for a similar price.

Anybody on this list from around here (Redmond area) who likes excessive bass?

Also, anybody got good earphone reviews? I'll just buy another set of SHE9500s if I don't get better ideas. They're quite good for their price tag; I want earbuds for portability, my primary headphones will probably remain the giant Everglide E100s I bought from Woot when I'm in a situation where I can reasonably carry them.
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