July 27th, 2008


Wounded but victorious

Now that I have an actual wok, I've finally gotten around to cooking General Tso's Chicken properly- deep-frying and all. Half of my stored oil from when I deep-fried gyoza had spoiled, but the other jar was fine, and I supplimented it with more fresh cooking oil. (That's the real problem with deep-frying; screw the health effects, the oil gets damn expensive. It adds up.) It was my first time actually deep-frying meat, as opposed to prepackaged frozen food-things.

I suspect a few of the burn marks I currently sport may lead to mild permanent scarring. It's something I pretty much expected when I decided to cook with an actual wok; I've gotten enough grease marks from using a skillet, so being scalded doesn't even bother me that much anymore, which is kind of disturbing. It's nothing too severe, but it'll sting for a few days.

I used what I learned the other two times I tried to make General Tso's Chicken: About.com's recipe is good except it needs over twice as much sugar to actually taste right, and I still don't keep any alcohol so I had to make a completely inappropriate substitution (of more chicken broth) for the specified wine. It worked anyway- in my opinion, and that of Rakeela, and that of jmac32here, our dinner guest for the evening.

In two hours, from scratch, I cooked something nontrivial and it came out restaurant-quality. Not cheap fast-food-Chinese restaurant quality, good high-end sit-down Chinese restaurant quality.

I rule.
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