June 9th, 2008

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Twitters of the day

  • 16:54 My relatives have good judgement on birthday gifts. The $30 gift card to Half Price Books has just been put to good use. #
  • 17:00 I'm at the grocery store now. There is a brand of Kosher teriyaki sauce. It is named "Soy Vey". #
  • 19:05 The Wii Classic controller works *way* better than a GameCube controller for Virtual Console games. I should try it for Brawl. #
  • 19:21 As dinner starts to cook, I'm watching the 1st season of The Mole- I saw it the first time it aired, and never since. Bought @ 1/2 Prc Books #
  • 20:17 Gah. New DVDs, and due to lousy packaging, it loks like I get to take them straight to GameCrazy to get them professionally resurfaced. #
  • 21:05 @Byzil Probably not; Half-Price Books is an all-sales-final sort of place. With careful software work, I can make the disc play anyway. #
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I've been out here eleven months and three days (one month from now is the anniversary of my first day at Microsoft) and I still haven't gotten used to the weather patterns. I guess it'll take a few years.

I knew when I moved to expect frequent rain. What I didn't expect was a shift in the definitions of "rain"; specifically, everything's been shifted down a notch. What I would call "wet fog" is a "mist". What I would call "mist" is "a drizzle". "A drizzle", as far as I'm concerned, gets identified as "rain". By the time it's actually "rain"ing, it's a storm, while what I would call a decent "storm" worthy of the name qualifies as a "statewide emergency", complete with flooding and closed highways. Which shows a lot about how the infrastructures of different cities are set up for different weather; St. Louis gets a few roads closed on occasion from moderate storms, but not major highways. It takes a severe thunderstorm to shut those down, and I haven't seen one of those out here yet.

To be honest, I kind of miss it. I do like the cooler temperatures and frequent precipitation, but that frequency is made up for by a disappointing lack of intensity, at least most of the time.

What I'm really not used to is one variety of "rain" I never got much of in the Midwest- that of the soaking drizzle. The rain is falling gently enough that it is indeed a drizzle; the formal meteorological difference between rain and a drizzle is not quantity of water over time, but the size of individual droplets. Subjectively, it feels like a drizzle, there's just a lot of it. I'm not used to a drizzle that does leave me as wet as a decent rainstorm. That could, I suppose, reasonably be called "rain", but it's not the only kind of drizzle called "rain"...

Either way, it makes for a wet morning. I'm glad I have a good raincoat; unfortunately, my pants are soaked. Such are the tribulations of bicycle people.

In unrelated news, I find it amusing how many people have, apparently, chased me over to Twitter- at least three new accounts of people who read here have been established since I set mine up.