June 3rd, 2008

color cycle (slow)

Gas can

Some things remind me rather directly that despite its slower speed and more physical effort, riding a bike can still be a lot more convenient than riding a car.

I passed someone on the sidewalk on the way back from work in rain (actual rain, as opposed to the mid-drizzle that most people around here seem to think qualifies for the title); he stopped me, and asked me where the nearest gas station was. Until that point, I hadn't quite figured out what the big blue plastic thing he was carrying was; it's a gas can, and apparently the make of such has changed since the last time I looked. Unfortunately, I was little help, as I have little need for gasoline myself.

At least he had a good raincoat; that's better than can be said for what Rakeela wore when biking to and from the library in Belvue; she came back soaked to the skin. At least we have a little space heater now, bought expressly for the purpose of acting as a person dryer, after she got mild hypothermic symptoms last time this happened.

Last night's Twitter import didn't work, I assume I botched the configuration; I've tried again, but I encourage people to read at http://twitter.com/kistaro anyway to see what was missed, if y'all are curious.

Unrelatedly and cheerfully: The Mole is back! I'm more of a TV watcher than I like to admit, and I'm very glad this particular show has returned- it is, far and away, the best reality TV show I've ever seen. Deception fascinates me, and it's pretty much the entire basis of the show... I should probably hack up some sort of "The Mole" userpic, except I don't really plan on posting about it that much.