March 12th, 2008

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Jock rock and other musical travesties

For the one or two of you who doesn't already know, I'm a subscriber to eMusic: a music service that allows a fixed number of mp3 downloads for a fixed cost per month. I've collected a wide variety of music from them, much of it good, some of it excellent, and some of it terrible.

And then there's this: rock/pop with excellent instumental work (and, inevitably, expensive production), matched with astonishingly puerile lyrics. It's from a group called the "Plain White T's", and they have two albums of this. I only inflicted one upon myself.

The album is a celebration of an immature worldview. Which would be okay; it sounds like something a high-school athletic team would put together. Except these people are older than I am. I listen to 12 songs of lyrics objectifying women (suddenly, the upset nature of feminists makes a lot more sense to me), taking a traditional life order for granted (credit-card debt to McEmployment to marraige to two kids and a condo), an entire song about how a bad breakup was wholly someone else's fault, and featuring a "how dare you visit other friends" as the centerpiece of the album. Can the infidelty with "a little geek" described as the end of a relationship in Perfect for You come as a surprise to anyone?

This worldview is completely alien to me, and I think I'm glad for that. What horrifies me the most, I suppose, is that maybe this isn't so unrepresentative of the mind of not only your average 16-year-old high-school "dude", but of college jocks as well- and beyond.

It would kind of explain a lot. And in some meta way, I'm amused that I found such inane lyrics a philosophical experience.
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