January 22nd, 2008


The iterative cold

Damn it, once one part of this cold starts to get better, something else gets worse.

The laryngitis is already fading. But now my fever is back up, and my throat is so sore it's agony to cough, which I'm still doing (although it is, at least, productive coughing now). This is because my tonsils are swollen.

I'm kind of afraid to find out what gets infected next. I need and want to get back to work as soon as possible- I was hoping for today, but with no meaningful sleep so far, and a fever, the odds of that are none-too-great either.

Why do colds inevitably hit me so damn hard compared to most people?

For those of y'all prone to performing such things, healing via energy work, magic, prayer, ritual, other forms of divine intervention, and/or other convenient violations of the laws of physics and biology, I'd really appreciate the help right now.
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