September 19th, 2007

color cycle (slow)

Walking, printing, carrying weird things up 156th Avenue

I've been working on the Tarot readings, they're just coming along slowly- work suddenly went "yikes" this week, and I've got a nontrivial number of requests to work through! I have a webcam now- my supervisor bought it for me because he discovered that with one dude always bringing a laptop to meetings and training sessions, it takes less budget to buy one employee a good webcam than it does to allocate a cameraman for one training session. I could record myself doing some of the Tarot readings, I suppose, but then I'd have to speed up about it rather than take my time with them, look things up, think for a while, and go into ridiculous detail in my e-mail. That may well be a good thing.

wyrdryn, puropis, and I spent Saturday wandering around aimlessly in Seattle. It was fun. It wasn't entirely aimless; we took the (overpriced) monorail from the drop-off of route 545 up to the Science Fiction Museum, where I got a steep Microsoft discount and we all had a lot of fun. After that, we just walked back in the general direction of the bus stop, a couple miles off, taking random photos along the way. I need to sync my PDA with my computer to show some of those off; I plan to get around to it, I just haven't yet...

I want to say a lot more about that experience, but I'm not awake enough to do so. I guess the one comment I am alert enough to make: I was astonished by the density of Starbucks in the city. I think the average is somewhere near two per street corner.

I bought a color printer/copier/scanner off of Woot last week. It works extremely well, as far as I can tell; as is traditional, I'm spending more on decent paper for the thing (I do intend to do mostly photo printing with it- I have a laser printer for documents) than the cost of the printer itself. At least it's a six-tank affair (CcMmYK), instead of two-tank (Color/Black) or one-tank, so it's more cost-efficient with ink, because I don't have to throw out half a tank of perfectly good ink just because one color ran dry. They'll each run dry individually.

My office was repainted and recarpeted last night. My allergies don't like that very well. Fortunately, I had warning, and I have two air cleaners; I carried one to work. By the strange looks I got, you'd almost think thatit's an uncommon thing to see someone carrying a big white air cleaner up 156th Ave on foot during rush hour. I was glad to have it, though; it cleaned out the stink fairly quickly, and a few of my co-workers have already asked to borrow it.

I guess I carry lots of weird things around the Redmond area, relative to social standards for carrying things. This is just another item on the list: a hideously bright multicolored beanbag chair, an air mattress, and a large pile of board games have all made similar trips.

I suspect I'll find some reason to carry something weirder soon.
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