September 10th, 2007

chromatic self


I want to get in practice doing Tarot readings. Reading for myself has kind of plateaued; I know I'm shuffling well, I just keep getting the same damn cards because not much is changing. (With regard to the question "What should I know to do my best at work?" the answer is, very consistently, "Get more sleep.") I want to get better at reading for other people, and that means practice.

Hence. Anybody want a Tarot reading? This is a standing offer; now or in the future, just comment here or e-mail me if you want a reading. I can't guarantee how soon I'll get around to any given request, of course- not unless I start getting paid for such. (I'm skilled enough to do so, I'm just not really inclined to. Although I am inclined to use Tarot readings as a unit of barter.) I've got a handful of layouts I use- some of which are traditional, some of which I've designed- and if you'd prefer a particular layout for a particular question, let me know, but I reserve the right to ignore you if I don't think I'd get a useful answer from that layout on that question. Similarly, I may rephrase your question.

I've got two Tarot decks- a fairly traditional variant on the Rider-Waite deck (the Universal Waite, to be specific: recolored, basically), and (of course) a Dragon Tarot deck. (No, not Conway's Celtic Dragon Tarot deck, Pracanowic's deck.) The Universal-Waite deck is the newer of the two, and the one I've had less practice with- I've gotten good results with it so far (it's been as accurate as the other deck; please ignore the snickering statistician in the back of the theatre), and I'd like a chance to use it more. I'm starting to develop a feel for which questions each deck is better for- as with layout requests, I might ignore deck requests.

So, anybody want a Tarot reading? (E-mail is fine for your request; you don't have to comment here if you'd rather not. Either way you contact me, I'll need an e-mail address in which to give you your results.) Priority will be given to those who would bribe me for it. :D
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