June 29th, 2007

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Family and flight

Tonight was my combination birthday/going-away party with my father's side of the family, and it went better than I expected- I don't usually like worryingly expensive restaurants, but this one was good, and my cousin Jeremy was a lot better behaved than usual. As usual, it fell to me to entertain him before we went to dinner, but fortunately, in the last couple years, he's picked up a hobby I have as well. So entertaining him was merely a matter of playing a few games of Magic: The Gathering, and we both had a good time.

Not much to say about the dinner, except for how well it went- people weren't angry or stressed, things were calm and happy. If more people have social gatherings like this, I start to understand why some people party as much as they do; that said, I don't believe that this is really the norm for a social gathering- just the happy ideal.

Tomorrow morning is scheduled to be a bank run, hopefully to a bank with a coin counter. My overly large pile of coins (from change or from rolls of quarters I got for the laundry machines at Washington University) is all to be depositied, because the movers don't want to try to take custody of cash; a reasonable restriction. (That and deposit birthday gifts. At least my family understands what's convenient for a cross-country move!)

Everything's fallng into place- I hope that this move goes as well as it looks like it is, and out of a sense more of liking to keep people guessing than not wanting to jinx it (although that's part of it) there's one element to the move that might well surprise most of y'all, but you'll find out about it the day of. *grin* Probably from the airport; my flight leaves at 7:30 AM this upcoming Friday, meaning I have to be there by 5:30, and I doubt I'll have much extra time in the morning.

The movers arrive on Monday morning to pack everything up, and Tuesday to take it all away. So that leaves me with two days (with no desktop computer, bed, or science fiction collection- except for my ebooks, which are plentiful, although my current ebook is an interesting and practical explanation/research/guide on kinky sex)  to relax a bit, which I'll need as this weekend is going to be fast-paced, to say the least.

Less than a week from now, I'll be in Redmond, in my new temporary apartment, and then things will really get interesting.

(And yes, in Redmond. I was told they'd put me in Issaquah, so I shipped my bike there. The good news is that I'm less than three blocks from my office, if it stays in the same building. The bad news is that I'm less than three blocks from my office all the time. (Although I don't have to tell my co-workers that, or move to an apartment in that same area!) The other bad news is that I'm therefore about ten miles away from my bike, but at least both locations are extremely near bus stops that connect directly to each other frequently, so that shouldn't be a problem, just a day's outing.)
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