June 10th, 2007

color cycle (slow)

What is not, not to like, a shiny bike

I'm going to buy a recumbent bicycle some time in the next few days.

Not much to say about that; upright bicycles give me enough back pain after a while that if I want to use it as my primary transportation, I need a recumbent model. My father and I went to a few bike shops today; I found a long-wheel-base-style bike that seems to work very well for me. My only concern is that it might not fit on bus bike racks. The short wheel base (with high front pedals) seemed unworkable to me, though- in both of the short recumbent bikes I tried, my knees kept hitting the handlebars, and I needed help just to balance long enough to get my legs up to the pedals. So I think a long wheelbase it is...

Anybody with more recumbent bike experience have advice that I should be aware of?
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