June 8th, 2007

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Birthday, etc.

So apparently, I'm 21 years old, and some time in the last three hours (by my birth certificate, an approximation to when I was carved screaming from my mother's abdomen), I abruptly became mature enough to drink myself into a stupor and gamble my money away. I have no intention of doing the former, and anything involving the latter will probably get me kicked out of casino after casino for card counting should I choose to participate at all.

And someone anonymously gave me a LiveJournal gift certificate! Now I have to figure out what to do with it. It's a puzzle, given that I've gotten my Paid Account as a subscription, and cancelling the subscription enough to apply the gift certificate to it seems slightly silly although perhaps the most reasonable course of action. (I'd cancel the subscription, but I'd be considered paid until next year since I pay annually, and then whatever Paid amount I purchase would be tacked on the end. And extra userpics are just silly, given that I'm only using 22 of the 44 I have now.

Maybe I should see if it can be applied towards a Permanent Account when they go on sale later this month. My LiveJournal has already stuck around for five years; do I trust the service enough to expect it to last the additional five it would require to be a good deal? Technically, a Permanent Account is worth more than the cost of a Paid Account multiplied by its duration; I'd have to throw in the extra userpics and storage space as well, except that only counts if I'd actually use them. I suspect I could eventually run out of the provided 2GB of storage space, especially if I upload all these pictures I've been planning to upload for a while, and upping that to 10 would double the cost of the account. Still, that might take some time to come to pass.

Hmm. Tricky decision. Maybe I should take bids to see if any of the artists out there would help me use up a bit more of my userpic quota in exchange for a $20 LiveJournal gift certificate! (After all, it's for me to buy what I want with, right? *grin*)
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