June 7th, 2007

airbrushed, thoughtful

Moving, packing, being dull

It's been too long between LiveJournal posts. I need to get in the habit of posting more frequently.

Anyway, I'm well over my cold now; I felt a lot better the day after I made that last post, actually. But I've been hugely busy, since I was feeling better, packing, scheduling, and generally preparing to move back to Washington- it'll be less than a month before I'm back there, and there's a lot to do in the interim.

I'm glad my parents are being generous with their old furniture, but I'm still not going to start out with enough bookshelves for all the books I'm bringing. I suppose that's one of the side effects of living in a book-centric family! At least there'll be enough computer chairs (with good back support) and desks to go around, although options for "table" might be a little thin. I'll make do with a card table at the start, and get a "real" table shortly thereafter.

It's kinda weird to finally be moving out- I've lived with my parents pretty much my entire life so far, and not doing so will be a change. But I'd certainly classify it as a positive change; they mean well, but I think I've had enough of living with them for a while! From how things went last summer, I feel comfortable with being on my own without a car (just a bike and public transportation). My plans for this weekend include investigating recumbent bicycles to get one that'll work for me- if it's going to be my only transportation, I should probably have the kind of bicycle best for that purpose! But with or without a funny-shaped bicycle, I'm ready to move on, and start using all this nifty stuff I learned over the last four years. I was surprised last summer how much of it I actually used, as opposed to it just being a simple programming job. That was mostly due to what my assignment was, though, and I can only hope that I get something as interesting again!

The other reason I haven't been playing: Planet Puzzle League, formerly known as Tetris Attack and known in Japan as Panel De Pon. Planet Puzzle League is the Nintendo DS version- with online play. (Amongst people who share my birthday- which is tomorrow, actually!- I'm currently top rank. But the rankings reset every week.) I'm reminded why I (and many others) consider it the best puzzle game ever, either multiplayer or single player. I'm a bit disappointed that Endless mode doesn't have an option to go above Speed Level 50 (or I haven't found the cheat to reach it if it does); I play without Limit 50 on my Game Boy Advance, and usually don't lose until I hit slightly over that (57 or 58). With a stylus instead of buttons, I can handle faster speeds, and 50 just isn't enough to finish the game- Endless mode actually is, and I lose not from getting overwhelmed, but from hitting mind-lock and/or making a mistake. Then again, maybe that's how the game is supposed to end...

Friend Code for Planet Puzzle League is 279274-598569, and I invite challenges- I love the game. I'm about equal with the 3rd level of the computer opponent on Hard- I'm no expert, but I'm pretty good. (Expect regular x5 chains and one or two x9 per game, if not heavier.) Anybody else have it?
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