January 20th, 2007

headwall, frustration

Books, stones, pipes, snow

I went home for the weekend after I had my day's class, leaving Alex with my sympathies (he's done puking, but it's not much different out the other end) and my mother with my laundry. Fortunately, the food at home is a lot better than the food on campus!

My mother had heard that the book store at a semi-local mall was going out of business, so we went; we also intended to get me a new coat (mine's too small) and boots (same), but there was nothing suitable at those stores. (I was also looking for a DVI-VGA adapter or 2. I concluded that $30 was at least three times too much to pay for one of them, so didn't purchase the one (note that I have two monitors) I found. I'll be looking up prices for those online.) The book store had most of their stock at "anything for $1"; unfortunately, that didn't extend to the sci-fi/fantasy section, which was "only" at 40% off and buy-three-get-one-free. My father and I got four books (I got three from Mercedes Lackey, he got one from Terry Pratchett), and I had fully intended to pay for most of it- we'd agree to split the discount for the "one free" proportional to how many books we had, so I intended to pay 3/4 of the book cost. Then my mother came in with an impressive stack of $1 books, and my father decided it wouldn't be fair to make me pay while he was just buying books for her. I disagree with this logic- to be specific, I'm the one expected to be supporting myself- but I didn't object. Yay for books!

Definitely yay for books, given that my textbooks are also in- not at the campus bookstore (although Machine Learning might be), but the order from Amazon. It's nice to be able to study. Also shipped to me: a secondary battery for my Tablet PC. Three and a half hours of battery life do not see me through four and a half hours of class, especially when I prefer to use better than the absolute minimal power consumption settings- the backlight's too dim to comfortably read when it's cranked down to minimum. Six hours of battery power, like what I have now, is sort of like three and a half hours of battery power, except nearly twice as much. The secondary battery also makes my computer a good deal bulkier, but that's less important to me!

More problematic: snowstorm moving in, expected to hit tomorrow night, and dump a lot of snow. I'm therefore planning to return to campus tomorrow evening, after dinner, to get there first- Washington University has never cancelled classes on account of weather in all the time I've been there, and in any event anybody I'd sling a snowball at is on campus anyway.

Another reason to return to campus: water problems. The drains in our house have become clogged, and so I can't shower at home- except for the one I've already taken, which caused my father to need to take a mop to the basement and was how we discovered this clogged drain. It wasn't nearly all the water from the shower, so it's not a total clog, but it's enough to be a severe problem. Not the best sort of way to spend 12:30 AM, all things considered.

Yay for books and batteries, no yay for pipes and snowstorms that interfere with scheduling and will probably make it difficult for me to be punctual to class. My father knows somewhere else that would probably have the boots and a coat I need, but with plans to call the plumber tomorrow, it looks like I'm going to have to continue to use the coat I've got, and the total lack of usable boots I've got.

But more importantly, books!
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