January 19th, 2007

a look of abject horror, yikes

"Bllearrggpplllppth" and other things it's unpleasant to wake up to

To all WU people: don't eat the chicken.

This would be my second EST call since I started at Washington University, and the first one that was for someone other than me. The sound of one of my suitemates puking in the bathroom (which is adjacent to and shares a wall with my bedroom) woke me up, and I figured calling someone who knows what they're doing was the safest course of action. He's recovering on his own, and had stopped throwing up quite so energetically by the time they arrived, but they told me I made the right choice to have him checked on.

He had cramps shortly after eating at Center Court (he had their Indonesian Chicken) and had to deal with them throughout the evening, finding solace in beer temporarily calming his digestion. Apparently, that was not a long-term solution, given his loud and enthusiastic throwing up at about 3:30 AM. I, of course, had that as part of my dinner; it hasn't been sitting real well with me, but the results weren't quite that spectacular. The quesadilla I had for dinner night before last (relative to calendar days) did worse to me; I'm identifing it as my source of stomach cramps and unpleasant bowel activity from before I had dinner at Center Court. It tasted off. I didn't taste the same off-ness tonight, but the sauce it was in would have been strong enough to hide it; plus, who knows what Indoneisan Peanut Sauce is supposed to taste like? (I may be okay only due to my relatively small serving size- because I know I'm somewhat allergic to peanuts.)

I can't help but wonder if they're using leftovers from before Winter Break.

I think I'm glad I'm going home this weekend, so I can at least have two and a half days of good food before being assaulted with what's here on campus again. I have to go home anyway even without this; the campus bookstore had neither of my class textbooks in stock (I'm taking four classes, but only two have actual textbooks), so my father ordered them off Amazon with two-day shipping and found it to be cheaper. I'm also getting a secondary battery for my TabletPC; the primary battery in it can barely see me through two classes in maximum power-save mode (which has the brightness so far down I can barely see the screen), and it's got to last me through three given that on Tuesday and Thursday, I have four and a half hours of class with no way to get my computer to a working power outlet. Other than that technical difficulty, my classes have been going well. Mathematics and Music looks to be as interesting as I hoped it would be, Dr. Smart is a great lecturer and Machine Learning could go as well as Computational Geometry did, and Dr. Chamberlain's voice is nowhere near as annoying as I remember it being.

My other class, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Identity Development, is also shaping up to be very interesting- but not because Dr. Reid is a great lecturer. He's a little too emotionally involved in the subject to be an ideal professor for it, but damn it, that's what makes this so entertaining. The class is an hour and a half of watching a very energetic, very gay man rant. There's supposed to be more actual psychological material next week- this week was basically introductory- but I think the tone has already been set. The reading is very informative, but the lectures are turning out to be more for discussion (as Dr. Reid said at he start of the course)- and that discussion has mostly been the professor.

I try not to let stereotypes get to me, but when I said Dr. Reid is very gay, I mean it. He's the first man I've met with a voice higher than mine. He has a lisp. He has bright red hair. He gesticulates oddly yet remarkably enthusiastically. There are things I can't easily describe in text making it clear that this is a very, very gay man. I have to wonder: even as he lectures about the thereotypeth driving our cultural view of homothecthuality, how much of his own remarkable adherence to them is, at some level, intentional- to help him have a group identity of his own? My thoughts on the topic make a lot more sense when it's not 4:11 AM.

Alex seems to have stopped throwing up, so I guess I can go back to bed now. I just hope he'll be okay- I know I was not happy with my intestinal trouble night before last, and it didn't even have me heaving.
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