August 26th, 2006

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Parked in a Muddhole

So here I am in my nice new dorm room on the second floor of Park hall at Washington University! I have two computers, two monitors for the desktop computer, a headset plugged into the tablet (it's inconvenient to type in it the way it's set up... that voice recognition is some sort of miracle; I set up all my note sections for this semester entirely by voice command), so many books I can't easily fit them all in the shelf, three suitemates who seem as quiety and geeky as me, a huge common room, and a large penis drawn on the door by the past residents. (I suppose you can't have everything right.)

I'm exhausted and I smell funny for now, so I think I'll just shower and go to bed (the bed is really low and the matress is awful- I may ask for a replacement, it's like it has no springs at all- but when I'm this tired, I doubt I'll care) even though I haev a working Internet connection. I started moving in as soon as they opened at 8:30 AM, because I couldn't sleep last night anyway, and I figured that gave us a better chance of avoiding the crowds- and getting my Internet connection working before the registration system got overrun! IT worked, obviously.

But... uh, not much to say, just sleepy and tired. But I'm here!
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