August 15th, 2006

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Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate

It's Shipping Day! I've already sent off my first box of junk, my bicycle, and two large boxes of other junk. This is an interesting task without a car, but there's a shipping center in the strip mall next to my apartment. I've been getting my exercise today.

I love the shipping company now. (It's Mail Post, and it's only fair that I advertise for them.) They let me borrow their hand truck. Given the size and shape of those two large boxes, that made all the difference. I offered to leave collateral, but they didn't need any. I guess it's just good customer service, but I can't describe how much I appreciate them doing that...
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So a little while back, noda held a discount on the price of her art commissions; layra advertised about it, which is what got my attention. So with the extra pocket money that I had from working at Microsoft, I decided to purchase a picture and two userpics! One of the userpics is my new default, and the other one is attached to this post. As for the full picture...

Hoard of Knowledge Hoard of Knowledge

A wonderful commission byy noda, it is me with my hoard- really, what sort of hoard would you expect me to keep?

Just what I need when I'm tired from packing and hauling boxes to the shipping company!

---edited to add---
I have learned well from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
I have a towel in my carry-on luggage.
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