August 12th, 2006

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The Discard Pile

I'm packing up my stuff to head back to St. Louis. Almost everything is going to wind up in a box and shipped home. I've also got a green rolling luggage thing that will be one of my two carry-on pieces; my extra-extra-large computer-compatible duffel bag that I got as a parting gift from my team at Microsoft will be the other item. Because the Chicago-STL train doesn't have a luggage car, I can't check anything, so everything is either shipped or carried.

Some things are too bulky to ship conveniently, and not worth the trouble to take extraordinary measures to ship. Other things just aren't worth the trouble when I'm tight on space anyway. Still more things just aren't shippable.

If you can make arrangements to get any of these items from me in Sammamish, WA, they are yours free. This post will get re-posted when I decide on more things I don't need.
2 large, blue suitcases in poor condition (usable, but I can't promise for how long)
1 ergonomic keyboard
Many assorted groceries I did not eat, with varying levels of freshness
Part of a package of paper napkins
Part of a roll of paper towels
Plain white T-shirts, Hanes, adult male large (unknown count)
Blue T-shirt with pocket, Hanes, adult male large, some holes