August 10th, 2006

big red X

Oh FUCK no

Y'see, all this stuff about five-hour airport security and my having to overnight ship my electronic gear home rather than take it on the airplane doesn't bother me. (And that last one is for international flights anyway.)

My parents declaring that they are going to drive me home, which involves being in a car with my parents for four fucking days straight, bothers me greatly. I'm trying to talk them out of it. They may be right, if airport restrictions get worse; they're convinced that my flight will be grounded mid-air and I'll be forced to land somewhere in the middle and then I'll be stranded. Quite frankly, I don't think the odds are as bad as they seem to think, and four days straight in a car with my parents probably gives me the lowest chance of survival of any of the options.

Any suggestions for how I can talk my parents out of this, or perhaps flat-out override them?
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