July 26th, 2006

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Well, at least my PDA is still under warranty. I have no idea why it is now refusing to complete any boot whatsoever, but it's obviously totally fucked. I'll give it one more try when I get back to my apartment, and try re-flashing the operating system, but if even a clean boot won't save it (the equivalent of an automatic FORMAT C: and reset, leaving only the OS region intact), I have little hope becuase the OS region must have gotten corrupted, or there's some form of hardware failure. Flash burnout wouldn't surprise me, considering how Windows Mobile 5 does everything in Flash, but the PDA was designed for WM2003.

At least I've got a warranty, and even if that doesn't pan out, I'll be taking class notes on my new Tablet PC anyway.
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Assaulted Battery

...Or maybe my PDA just managed to drain its battery, AGAIN, to just the wrong point where it gave strange crash-like symptoms on boot instead of gracefully failing to turn on. It's okay, apparently, although I do wonder why it keeps doing that.