June 4th, 2006

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Burning anger

So last night, shortly after I logged off, my new roommate moved in. Zach moved out within a week because he hated the location of the apartment; he had a legitimate excuse to not tolerate a 45-minute commute, so they moved him out. Now Jon has moved in, and we seemed to be getting along fine for the last few days.

Until now.

Jon smokes.

I am deathly allergic to cigarette smoke, even second-hand. I can tolerate it as residue on clothes or in a car for limited periods, a day at most, but I cannot live with the residue or anywhere near a cloud of smoke, even on the balcony.

I'm not angry at Jon.

I am irate at my Microsoft Relocation Specialist.
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We Get Signal

Irony abounds.

Now that I've paid money for a dial-up connection... now our down-the-stairs neighbors finally get a wireless router!

But after two days of struggling along with the snail-like speed of 56K, I'm damn ready for high-speed again. I'll be cancelling my PeoplePC account at the end of the month, now that I have a connection to a real connection...

Jon's smoking habit might not be so much of a problem- he came back in, and I've got the window (fairly near the balcony, at that) open again, and I don't even have a whiff of cigarette smoke from it. *shrug*
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