June 3rd, 2006

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We (Sort Of) Get Signal

I have Internet access in my apartment now!

Sort of.

Having gotten sick of waiting for my down-the-stairs neighbors to make good on their offer to share their Internet access with us, I just purchased dial-up access from PeoplePC. I've forgotten how bad 28.8 sucks (and despite their "yes, it's 56K" they told me, Windows says it's 28.8), but it's better than having to try to chase a dodgy little splotch of someone's unsecured wireless access point that almost requires me to be in Matt's room.

If I can make the phone jack in my bedroom work, then I'll really be happy. Right now, I'm connected to the phone port in the kitchen; the one in my room is not working so well. I'll try that one again later.

But at least I have some access again.
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