March 12th, 2006

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Snap, fzzzt

The electrical wiring in this house is so reliable.

Something I decided was worth the trouble to set up: Bluetooth access to the LAN in my house so I could browse the Internet on my PDA via Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi, in large part for battery consumption reasons. I got it set up, but discovered that although the Bluetooth radio I have as a USB dongle attached to my computer is plenty strong, my PocketPC can't quite broadcast to the opposite corner of the house; my laptop was in such a corner, so my father and I decided to move my work area closer to the center of the house. I haven't yet tested to see how good my signal is now.

Upon plugging my computer in, there was an interesting "snap" noise, a distinct fzzzt! sort of sound, and then the BEEP BEEP BEEP of the battery backup power supply in the room complaining that it, like the now-clockless DVD player and now-off floor fan, had no power.

A romp through the five circuit board panels in the room revealed that none of them had flipped.

Insert frantic running about here until we discovered that the power outlet had its own breaker. But that should just be for that outlet, right? That would explain having no power to the computer and fan, but the UPS was on the other side of the room. Surely, despite all the electrical problems with this house (including light switches that throw sparks across the room, resulting in the first of three times the bathroom attached to my bedroom has been rennovated), the moronic electricians who set up the wiring in the family room couldn't have connected all the power supplies in series so this breaker blocked the other ones, could they?

My father reset the breaker. With a click, the UPS began recharging its battery as the DVD player flashed a now-familiar 12:00.
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In sickness and in hell

Isn't it amusing when the worst-case scenario turns out significantly better than the expected-case scenario?

I'm having severe asthma trouble right now, from the construction dust in the air and the assorted odors of the solvents and the other crap from the home rennovation. Furthermore, some of my mother's plants are blooming on the porch, which is right next to where my bed is. Apparently, having an air cleaner on "high" isn't good enough; I'm really damn sick right now.

The upshot to this is that my parents are not irrational people. I'm going to be heading back to campus tomorrow. I'll have no food easily available; that which is across the street from my dorm is shut down, and that which I have to trudge across campus for shuts down at 8:00 PM. But I'd be too sick here for staying home to be a viable option; I need to go somewhere away from the construction dust, and since my mother canceled the trip to Indiana due to inclement weather (fortunately for me), that means I have to go back to campus.

I seem to remember that I need to contact ResLife about that, but for the life of me I can't find anywhere at where it says that. For people who also go to Washington University- do any of y'all have information about that?

At least I won't be stuck at home. This place is like a prison, especially when my parents' plan was for me to be confined to three rooms of it because they thought they could keep the construction dust limited so I wouldn't get sick. So much for that plan. I'll be able to actually get my homework done on a computer that actually does what I need. I know my parents were looking forward to my being home for the week, but that's simply not working; I don't like short-changing them, but it's my only option at the moment.

I guess I actually can get the stuff on-campus done that I needed to get done. Who knew that serious asthma trouble could be so fucking convenient?
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