February 24th, 2006

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In the category of "well, that should be interesting", I'm going to go to a protest tomorrow. I think for details I might as well just copy and paste from the e-mail:

Hello to all,
Pride Alliance, Safe Zones, and Keshet, as part of a
huge, city-wide effort, plan to hold a peaceful demonstration outside of the
ex-gay Love Won Out (www.lovewonout.com
) conference this Saturday. Our purpose is to offer a message of truth,
love, and acceptance for LGBT families and those struggling with their sexual
orientation. We will have placards, posters, ribbons, armbands, and resource
info available on site.   Transportation to the
church site will be provided on February 25th at the South 40 clocktower at two
separate times: 6:15 AM and 3:45PM.

(emphasis in original)

Assuming that the protest remains peaceful, any advice from people who have actually participated in protests before? There's no reason to expect particular police hostility, but I'll still take a few precautions (no money or legal ID, although I have to have my student ID to get back into my dorm). Thoughts?

More important post later this evening, probably a few hours later.