February 10th, 2006

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Voice Post:

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“Hey, y'all! This is just a quick test of the LiveJournal phonepost system. Yeah, I know I haven't used this before, and now you can all hear how high and girly my voice is.

My reason for doing this is that--you know that post I made awhile back about a job interview with Microsoft over the phone? Well that went well and now they're flying me out to Seattle for a--you know, Redmond, Washington--for an actual job interview, and that's kind of why I'm going to be missing classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday... And I figured that y'all will probably want to hear my rambly, annoying posts and things about all the stuff that may or may not actually happen to me upon this journey of stress and nervousness.

It is also the first time I'll be more than a thousand miles away from my parents, and that in and of itself has merit.

So, because I know I don't have patience with new phoneposts, it would be really cool if somebody would actually, like, transcribe these when they come up. But I'm just making sure the system works for now, and you'll probably hear from me on Sunday when I actually set out starting from Lambert Airport, then head to Saint Paul, Minnesota, and then from there on to Redmond. Six hours of plane travel and a three hour layover--it's a good thing I've got lots of batteries; well I have my battery chargers for my Game Boy and Nintendo DS, so I should be okay.

Yeah, this is why I'm only taking twelve credits this semester. I knew it was going to be a mess of a semester. Anyway, I've actually found out whether it works; I'm going to save it and, uh... Right, y'all will hear from me on this.


Transcribed by: kamoranakrre