January 16th, 2006

chromatic self

Huge but really really cool picture post

Trying to get some administrative stuff taken care of (namely, a $5 standing balance on my college account from locking myself out of my room last semester), I saw about nine squirrels running around (and yelling a lot) in the trees outside of Busch Hall. I wasn't the only one who noticed: a very small (and presumably young) bird of prey noticed as well, but didn't get a squirrel for lunch- instead, a pigeon dumb enough to fly right in front of it was removed from the gene pool. (Natural selection in action: culling the stupid.)

So I have about 16 pictures of a young bird of prey catching and eating lunch... including three userpics, which anybody is welcome to claim and I suspect some of you might be interested in. These are really neat pictures, but there are a whole lot of them, Collapse )
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