December 5th, 2005


I Still Have a Very Low Opinion of Dr. Bayazit

So as revealed in the combination of todays quiz and discussing the answers afterwards... Dr. Bayazit does not know the difference between the words "expensive" and "expansive". So I explained how an associative-mapped cache could be considered more expansive than a direct-mapped, but not what makes it more expensive...
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Geek narcicssism

So how narcissistic is it of me to be playing Tetris Attack (presently known as "Puzzle League", the most recent incarnation of the game, released last week for the GBA in a combined Dr. Mario/Puzzle League pack, which I bought just so I could have Tetris Attack on my Nintendo DS- between the three versions of the game I have, I've spent somewhere around $90 on one particular game because it isjust that awesome) on my GameCube's Game Boy Player, connected to my computer's DVR card... recording the game in case I do anything I want to show off?

Oh, if anybody's curious about it, I have this nice x6 chain to show y'all. Not my best, but I'm not used to the display lag caused by running the DVR trying to stream the data to disk- throws off timing a little. Any other Tetris Attack nuts out there who want to have a chain size bragging run?
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