November 16th, 2005

sixteen tons

Internet on the fritz

As a heads-up to y'all- don't expect to see me online with any regularity if my dorm room Internet connection keeps crapping out. It died last night at midnight and didn't come back up- apparently, it came up some time between 5:00 AM (when I went to bed) and 11:45 AM (when I woke up). Then it died again at noon. Because there are actually people in the ResTech office now, it came back up in twenty minutes, but it's an irritating pattern- loss of connection every twelve hours, apparently. So I might be a little scarce if this keeps happening.
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Burchan Bayazit, Wordmonger

Dr. Bayazit is on a roll today with accidentallys inventing words. Sure, "multiplelexer" and "multiplexicator" are obviously supposed to be "multiplexer", but what's an "amplifyingacitor?" That's not even something he said, which would have been bad enough- that made it onto a Powerpoint slide... Oh, and given the context, it is apparently a verb.
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