October 8th, 2005

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For those who were wondering...

...Yes, the dryer does work better now. Yes, the "solution" that Coinmach provided is as unworkable as it seems. Yes, it is as bad for my asthma, disgusting to watch, and unpleasant as it seems for the vent of the dryer to be rerouted from the badly-clogged vent pipe to simply sticking out the top of the drier, causing a small volcano of lint and the entire fucking floor to wind up unpleasantly hot and humid every time the drier is run. I'm so glad I've got a dehumidifier in my room. Nothing I can do about the whole residence area stinking like fabric softener.
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The Traditional Cleanup Thing

Something I haven't done in a couple years of using LJ is the standard "I don't really know these people and I tend to skim by their journal entries" purge. It's nothing against any of y'all, it's not a lack of trust- it's just that I find myself not reading, not commenting, and at over 80 entries, my Fiends List is a little on the long side. So- for those of y'all who have found yourself abruptly de-listed, sorry about that. It's nothing personal, I'm just decreasing my reading load!