October 7th, 2005

color cycle (slow)

Maybe I should just buy a laser printer

Tech Writing, Experimental Psychology, and Operating System Theory seem to be collaborating to run me bankrupt. This is the second black ink cartridge I've put in my printer in three weeks, which is a new record for burning through one- also half a ream of paper. (Yay proofing of 25-page documents.) How much for a cheap laser printer? Mucho bonus points if it's also a scanner. I've gotten that reliant on MS OneNote- it would be nice to be able to do better than crank my digital camera up to high resolution, mount the page on my document holder, and hope it comes out legibly.

I don't even want to think about how many rainforests I've killed in the last month.

edited to add

Although I have to confess that OneNote does do a fairly good job with letting me store and mark up images from my digital camera that are photographs of documents. The visual results are still somewhat surrealistic- a paper document marked up with digital pens, which really do look like they were written straight on the original paper, except for a few little perspective issues...