September 7th, 2005

chromatic self

Here We Go

And now it's time for the TCO Round 4... or about ten minutes. I'm up in a Windows lab in the CEC- I don't want to risk the administration chosing a remarkably bad time for a fire drill- and I've got PopsEdit all ready. (It turns out that the Linux lab lacks Java Web Start *and* Java plugins for Mozilla, so it forced my hand. At least this is a kick-ass monitor.)

This is the important one. Wish me luck, y'all... I just might be paying a visit to California on someone else's dollar.
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So much for that

By scoring -25.00 with a failed challenge defense and a failed challenge attack, I finished Round 4 in 90th place (8-way tie) and am out.

Which sorta sucks, but consider that I finished in 90th place out of 750 people- and that's just those who qualified- when my initial seeding was 570th. That's not so bad.

What's really gotta suck is that tomek scored 0 and got eliminated. Tomek was expected to win; he was seeded first. When was Tomek's last zero, anyway?
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