August 31st, 2005

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Here we go!

Guzzling down the last of the badly burned coffee (Kaldi's brand) from the Village Grill, it's just about time for 1.5 hours of interpreting Dr. Bayazit's thick Turkish accent in my first class of the year... yay computer architecture! And hence the semester finally begins!
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On Professor Brevity

I really do think it's silly when professors let the first day of class out ridiculously early. Dr. Bayazit demonstrated his nearly incomprehensible accent for about 20 minutes and then kicked us out, leaving us a bit confused for how to waste the remaining hour and ten. People who have noted both my full class schedule and the time stamp on this post will note that I have either smuggled a LiveJournal client into my Experimental Psychology class or it, too, let out over an hour early; for the record, the latter statement is true. (The gizmo I was typing on in class has notes, not a wireless Internet connection... although it might be interesting to see if I can make a Voyage 200 do that. I doubt it.)

As much as some people might be going "Woo, easy class!", I'm always left a little disappointed at really short lectures. At least Dr. Holt (this is the first class he's teaching as a doctor, apparently- he was a grad student last year, congrats to him!) had the grace to give us a reading assignment (all of twenty pages for next Wednesday- easy); Dr. Bayazit pretty much went "Here is a the schematic of the processor computer, that is architechture" (direct quote) drawing a diagram we'd seen several times before in 260. (Y'know, the one I took over the summer and developed a low opinion of Dr. Jolley from?) One critical difference: The ALU is now shaped like a pair of shorts doing the splitz. This is the only change in the diagram from how it was rendered in 260.

I go to class and expect to learn something- I'd at least like to know whether or not I should haul the textbook to class, y'know? I guess that's part of what I like about the summer- they don't have enough time to do this silly puttering around of not learning anything on the first day.

And today is Round 3 of the TCO- wish me luck, it would be fun to make it to Round 4, and really fun to win yet more money; TopCoder just might finance my textbooks yet...
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Third Time's the Charm

So I just finished Round 3 of the TCO.

After the Coding Phase, I was 11th in room, and 114 overall.
After the Challenge Phase, I was 4th in room, and 32 overall.
After the System Test Phase, I was 2nd in room, and dropped to 58 overall (250 failed- guess "brute force" wasn't so immune to timeout after all).

The upshot to this? Because 58 < 100, I'm in Round 4, and because I'm second in room- again!- I've netted myself another $100.00, bringing my TCO '05 winnings to $225.00.

If I can keep staying second in the room for the entire remainder of the competition, I'll be in very good shape, y'know? I somehow doubt that'll happen.

But onsite doesn't feel so far out of reach.