August 27th, 2005

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Getting My Move On

And this will be the last entry from me for a while from home- tomorrow (okay, technically later today) is move-in day, and I'll finally be able to get back to campus- and among other things, occasionally on AIM again.

Catch y'all on the flip side!
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A Triumphant Return

So I'm back at Washington University!

I'm in the room adjacent to the room I was in last year, which amuses me greatly. I do wonder what Ben- Room 205's new resident- will think of the acid burn through the middle of the carpet, assuming it's still there. The dorm was rennovated quite a bit- we now have much better air conditioners (no longer the mold-encrusted metal behemoths we had before), and much worse door locks. (We hateses card-access doors, we does!) Trade-offs everywhere, I suppose, but I'm also using my space in this room much better than in the previous room. That's a good thing, mind you, as this room is actually slightly smaller; it's certainly not bad for a single, but it's not as large as what I had last year.

I now have an actual computer desk in addition to my main workdesk- which means I'll actually have a surface to write things on for the first time in two years, a possible benefit for doing homework. I also have a reasonable-quality computer chair, a distinct improvement over the uncomfortable wooden lump I've been setting my ass on for the last two years. A mediocre-quality television with a crappy antenna and no A/V jacks has been traded out in favor of a TV tuner card in my computer, a reasonable antenna, and A/V jacks including S-Video connected to the back of my GameCube. (As it's shorter than it is wide or deep, Nintendo really should have named it the GameNotQuiteARectangularPrism.)

It's a good thing I brought two shelving units, as the room has no included bookshelf. It was also a good plan to bring a reading lamp, as the included light barely casts a dim glow across the room. Not that I and my photosensitivity really mind; to be honest, I rather like the cave sort of feel it gives my lair...

So I'm pretty fatigued right now, but I'm feeling too lazy to try to take a shower just yet; I think I'll play more of Kirby: Canvas Curse (purchased today at teadragon's encouragement, and so far apparently good advice- tried Meteos yet, Willow?) and then do so.

Tomorrow is going to be finishing unpacking- I still have a number of loaded backpacks here- and studying for class, which begins Wednesday. Monday holds financial aid forms in my future, and is also likely to include seeing if a few library books I wanted to read are in- and Tuesday is study study study to get ready for class...

It's good to be back!
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