August 25th, 2005

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Check Engine

So earlier today, my father took me to the local pharmacy to purchase a pair of wrist braces- not the little elastic bands I'd been using, but the ones with the proper metal supports. With an intense CS semester scheduled, and for that matter just the TopCoder Open, I need them. (Ow.) I measure my hand, find a "medium" fits, try the left one and it works, so buy the pair.

...And of course the right wrist brace fails to fit; it's a full inch narrower, and that's not going to work. The person to whom we did the return suspected that somebody had previously bought it, run it through a washing machine and/or a drier (hand wash, air dry is what you're supposed to do to these things), then returned it. They didn't have one that does fit, so we'll have to try Rinderer's tomorrow.

The real problem was on the way down to Rinderer's, the vehicle was behaving oddly: refusing to shift out of first gear. Driving at 20 in a 25 zone, the friendly orange "CHECK ENGINE" light decided to turn on...

Not the best moment in our vehicle's history. I just hope the repair cost isn't too high- with my college expenses and rennovating the house, my parents don't need extra financial drains.
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