August 18th, 2005

chromatic self

Something for game geeks out there, be it game design or just play

This little piece I just wrote (for sixteen-kilobyte definitions of "little") explains, in great detail, exactly what I feel that Nintendo did right in creating Tetris Attack to make what is possibly one of the best competitive puzzle games ever (IE, for versus mode). It doesn't go into my opinions of the comptuerized opponents in the three versions of the game I've played- that's out of the scope of the node- but it should be an interesting read for anybody as much of a game-geek as I am.
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Happy Things to Receive In My E-Mail

Hello Windrider,

Congratulations! The results of the Qualification Round of the 2005 TopCoder(R) Open, Sponsored by Sun Microsystems(R) are official. You have advanced into Round #1, which will take place on Saturday, August 20 at Noon EDT (GMT 4). Registration opens at 9:00am and closes at 11:55am EDT. All participants in Round #1 will win a 2005 TopCoder Open t-shirt.