August 4th, 2005

color cycle (slow)


So I'm done with summer classes. Again. Classes will be back in session in about three weeks. The final exam for Translation of Computer Languages was fairly easy, and the lab's tricky bits weren't too bad- I figure I probably did well enough!

Oh, and I got my final grade back for my other class:

E81 260M 51S Introduction to Digital Logic and Computer Design Credit 3.0 A+

That'll do!
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color cycle (slow)

Putting the "load" in "course load"

So I just finished walking back from Mallinckrodt Center with my textbooks for next semester.

Walking, not biking, despite wearing a bike helmet. Y'see, I couldn't fit all six books in my backpack- the whopper was Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, at 927 pages. I am now over $400 lighter and carrying 25 lbs. of dead trees.

Now to hike back to Mallinckrodt to eat at Subway and pick up my bike...
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