June 13th, 2005

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So, today was my birthday party. Technically, my birthday was Wednesday, but today was when my family got around to celebrating it.

It was a busy day. Beforehand was the Annual Meeting of the ACLU of Eastern Misourri, which will occur again in two months' time. It was a blast. I found myself in a lecture hall in the Washington University School of Law, being one of perhaps two students there, and certainly the younger of the two, in a room full of 50-year-old lawyers. This is the face of the ACLU because youth does not care. Join the ACLU; you are desperately needed. Propoganda aside, the meeting ran an hour beyond schedule because what was expected to take about five minutes- voting in the officers and the changes to the bylaws- was an hour-long lawyer-fest. I do not think I can explain how incredibly entertaining this was to watch. As soon as it became clear that the Chairwoman was not accepting nominations from the floor, as had been procedure in past years, All Hell Broke Loose when it was revealed that the Nomination Committee had nominated exactly one person for each seat, all of whom were running unopposed. After a beautiful half-hour of chaos, a vote was finally held. The result? The culmination of three months of toil by the Nomination Committee was stricken, and suddenly we had no officers to vote upon. Therefore, the entire officer process was re-started... nececcitating a new meeting in two months. This time, people are likely to follow the write-in petition rules.

So then it came to the bylaw changes. There was a lot of facinating argument on term limits, but then it was revealed that about half the people only got invitations and not copies of the bylaws, as was requried to be granted- argument continued, but in the end, voting on the bylaw changes got tabled until the next meeting...

Then there was a retirement speech for a gentleman who I do not know because I have not been a regular member of ACLU meetings throughout the last 35 years, and then talk about FBI spying on activist groups (with the warning that most of us just for coming to the meeting were probably on file), and then a horrifying anecdote by a former police officer about how bad police brutality really is in North County. (A man on crutches, violently beaten. Very violently, very beaten. Dragged, by his ankles, down concrete steps, hitting his head on each one, with his hands cuffed behind his back, when he refused to walk to the patrol car.)

After that, it was on to my birthday party. But first, GameStop, where I took advantage of their week-long Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on used games and now have Ridge Racer DS, Ultimate Brain Games (GBA) which I've wanted for a while, and Sonic Mega Collection (GC). And my father bought something from the Used DVDs.

I found that something shortly thereafter at my grandfather's house, when I pulled a Weird Al "UHF" DVD out of the bag, $7.99 price sticker still attached. (He'd taken one off, but not the other.) That wasn't the only DVD I got, though- I got a 14-DVD set of something I'd wanted for a long time. The title of this post is a giveaway- anybody know exactly what that was a DVD set of?

In addition to that, I got three nice shirts, two really cool books, one book that fails to intrest me in any way (why did my mother buy me a history book?), and a total of $150 from two people who didn't know what to get me (my grandfather and my aunt). That retroactively covered the games I bought, three times over... I have a bank deposit to make now.

Also, in Much More Important News, I've gotten to be Grand-Master rated at Swordfighting in Puzzle Pirates, which is impressive considering that I was Able- the worst possible rating- at the beginning of the day. I think I've finally caught on...
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