May 3rd, 2005

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Decisions, decisions

First order of business: I'm a lot less sick than I was. I'm still sick, but less so. In part because of Tylenol, but when it breaks the fever this completely, it doesn't usually return. And I've made a surprising amount of progress on the Malloc lab- no meaningful code, but I have the entire theory planned out, and that's a huge step...

Secondly, my grades for my three Stats exams so far are 100, 100, and 95. The lowest exam is dropped; the final is no different in this respect, as it's non-cumulative. (It's simply Exam 4.) Dr. Yohe has already confirmed that if I'm happy with my grade as it stands, I have no reason to show up for the final.

So, should I:

a) Skip the final, as making a note card, studying, and then taking a two-hour test are not worth a shot at 1.25% of course that I'll get if and only if I ace it
b) Attend, bringing neither calculator nor note card, wearing my underwear outside my pants, write "WIBBLE WIBBLE WEE WEE WOO!!!!" across the hand-graded portion, scream "MY PSYCHIC POWERS HAVE GIVEN ME KNOWELDGE!" from the middle of the lecture hall, then rapidly randomly fill in the multiple-choice portion and hand it in

I'd do B, except I'm worried about possible academic sanctions for disturbing the test with the yelling bit, but if I don't attract attention, what's the point?
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