April 28th, 2005

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At the Greater St. Louis Book Fair, Money Can Buy You Happiness


So I just got back from the Greater St. Louis Book Fair. I am $77 poorer and much happier, proving that money can indeed buy happiness. I am also in extreme muscle pain from hauling fifty pounds of books around (average) for the better part of two hours, averaging the amount of time it took for the two loads to get that heavy and then how long I stood in line, holding the box...

Of course, I'm too tired right now to be really coherent, so I'll just let "YAY" do the work for me. I got a huge number of Far Side books, a Penn & Teller book on "How To Play With Your Food", two books by Stephen Hawking, three by Carl Sagan... A huge haul, really.

And inuki42- I got you a combination badly-belated-birthday/get-well gift there as well- I can only hope you don't have it! I'll try to send it tomorrow morning, although I'll need to find a container...
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