April 20th, 2005

dragon head

Bad eyeball day

I really, really hate nice days. Even ones that are overcast.

I've got some serious photosensitivity issues. Days as bright as yesterday or earlier today are extremely painful to me, leading to eye pain and migranes; I deal with it with what is quite possibly the geekiest-looking pair of sunglasses ever. I hardly have any other choices.

It's really frustrating when my eyes are still sensitive from too much sun earlier in the day and even in a previous day, so when it clouds over, I still have to use the sunglasses. I'm in a dimly-lit computer lab right now with the blinds over most of the windows shut and it still hurts to take off this pair of sunglasses I'm wearing. I had to apologize to Dr. Yohe after his lecture for not taking off my sunglasses during it- at least it's not as unreasonable there, becuase he had all the windows open. The entire lecture hall is surrounded by large windows, so that's quite a bit of sunlight.

Even with these sunglasses, I've got a headache...
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