March 31st, 2005

a look of abject horror, yikes

Class skipped on account of pig shit

Spring is nice. Spring looks pretty, as the trees no longer look so pathetic and lifeless from leaflessness. Spring feels nicer, because I'd rather have 70-degree days with 20-MPH winds than 7-degree days also with 20-MPH winds.

Spring fucking stinks.

I have asthma. I don't really try to hide this, especially because people knowing it tends to save me a lot of trouble. I have massive allergies to many forms of plant pollen, all forms of plant scent, all perfume, all smoke, all decay, and quite a few other things besides. So for the start of spring, I'm really fucking sick.

Right now, I'm on a much higher dose of caffiene than usual. It helps control my asthma, but it really, really exacerbates my insomnia. So I'm not particularly awake at the moment, on account of not being particularly asleep last night. Which is part of why I'm not in class right now; I'm skipping Systems because I know that when I feel like this, I'll get nothing out of it and probably just embarass myself by falling asleep in class; my time is better spent asleep in my dorm, or- as I'm doing right now- studying for Monday's exam.

Of all the things that are making me sick, what's getting me worst right now is the mulch and fertilizer that Landscaping always puts out on the first particularly nice day of the year. That's right, the first nice day of the year is inextricably associated in my mind with the fresh sent of festering pig shit! I'm just glad I have a high-quality high-volume air cleaner in my room.

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