March 26th, 2005

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So this morning, my mother assisted in pricing the hardback books for the local library's book sale. (And then ranted about the stupidly low prices on paperbacks, a sentiment I happen to agree with. They can do better than a nickel each.) She mentioned as she saw the Terry Pratchett books how she'd have to bring me back to buy them.

As she finished her first pricing run, she found herself presented with a bag full of the six Terry Pratchett books they had, and a note that they are "for Adam's consideration"...

$6.00 later, and I now have six more Terry Pratchett books. ^_^ One of them is actually the one I already had, but in hardback- so in addition to the money, I gave my paperback copy of "Guards! Guards!" to the book sale. I still think I came out way ahead...

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