March 24th, 2005

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More Amusing Classroom Moments

It was only after he'd been laughed at as soon as he turned his back on the class to write on the chalkboard several times that Dr. Pless was informed that he had leaned against the chalkboard and now had a significant chunk of text written backwards across the back of his sweatshirt.

After class, in which I congratulated him for getting more chalk on him across the course of the lecture than he ever had before (which is actually rather impressive, considering how much chalk Dr. Pless usually winds up wearing), he and a few other students waiting to talk to him after class discussed the merits of him deliberately leaning against the main point of the lecture to assist in making it more memorable...

This is typical of Dr. Pless.

Also, I got my Intro to Systems Software exam back with a 95%. That means that I got an A on every single exam I had last week. This makes me very happy.
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