February 11th, 2005

color cycle (slow)


One nice feature of multiple-choice math (with ten options and all the standard mistakes, "easier to catch yourself" isn't one of them) is fast results. So 75% of my Stats exam is graded.

The online score system works such that it has a list of all your answers. Any question you got wrong has your answer, then the message "Correct Answer X", for X being replaced by the letter that you should have selected. If you didn't answer a question, your answer is recorded as a '.', and if the answer was unreadable or doubled (multiple marks on the same question on a single-mark exam such as this), the answer displayed is a '?'. In either case, it again states what the correct answer is and takes off the points. Only if you get the answer correct is the "Correct Answer X" string suppressed.

"Correct Answer X", for any value of X, does not appear anywhere on the answer readout. My score is a perfect 75/75.