January 16th, 2005

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Return To Campus

So I'm back on campus now. Yay! I'm surprised at how quickly I got my Internet connection working; ResTech's site went right up this time. (It's usually flooded with computers during registration for the semester, so it takes me longer to view rumors on the Internets.)

I also have a scarf, which is good, and the temporary-adhesive hooks I attached to the door should have finished setting by now (they need an hour)... yep, they're ready, according to the clock...

Okay, now the aforementioned letter-board sign is hung up on the door. Because white boards are for normal people, that's why!

Anyway, I don't have class until Tuesday, but tomorrow won't be wasted- I'll be finding all my classes. It turns out I've got seven minutes to get across a parking lot from Whittaker back to Lopata, but that shouldn't be too bad- since I'm not carrying 35 lbs. of ice, just of backpack. (Whittaker is the building where Cheap Lunch gets its ice. It gets a bit tiring to carry the ice back from Whittaker to Lopata...) And I've got a bike. I should be fine, as long as I can find bike racks...

Anyway, this is just sort of an "I'm back now" post, and it served that purpose.
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