January 1st, 2005

color cycle (slow)

Variable metabolism

Something that strikes me as an interesting observation is what has happened to my eating habits across the break. Here at home, I'm far less active than I am on campus- primarily because there's really not much to do here, and the most strenuous thing I do all day is walking up three flights of stairs.

In response, my eating habits have changed. Firstly, I'm eating food that's much better for me- my mother is a good cook, and she provides food that's much better for me than what's on campus. (Yes, I'm one of those health-food nuts with an aversion to donuts, hamburgers, and grease fries. May I use the excuse that too much grease makes me puke?) But secondly, I'm eating a heck of a lot less.

Seriously less. Like, maybe half the amount of food I ate when on campus. It's not anorexia- I am less pudgy than when I started the break, but that's due to better food- it's simply being less hungry because I've burned less energy. It's rather a drastic change.

It's interesting to observe, especially considering conversations I've had before where people note how they got so fat over the break because they didn't exercise but ate the exact same amount. I don't exercise enough either, but I'm eating a whole lot less to compensate- because I'm just not hungry. It strikes me as the sort of thing I'd expect to be rather normal, but it's still interesting to observe.