December 3rd, 2004

color cycle (slow)


I suppose there's one thing that Windows has going for it. When a Windows box goes down, it can be easily and quickly rebooted. When a Linux session crashes, a hard reboot isn't the best choice.

But at least I figured out how to switch to a side console (ctrl-alt-F6), log in under the terminal, find my GNOME session, kill it, log out, switch back to the graphical console (ctrl-alt-F7), log in, and everything's running again. Nice and fast when one knows what one is doing...
color cycle (slow)

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Would anybody happen to know of a utility that can take text as input and output an image such that it's got a different color assigned to each character, so each character gets one pixel? I wrote a nifty little C++ program that can create a pretty sort of fractal pattern in text, but I'd like that to become an image so I can make a userpic out of it. It's too labor-intensive to do by hand, but I don't know how to do visual coding in C++. Any leads?

If not, I'll write one myself in Java, but I'd really rather not bother.

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In that cut, if y'all didn't look, is the actual output of the program set to 99x99 and "One Adjacency" then "Two Adjacencies", respectively.

So, any leads?
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