November 24th, 2004

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The most boring holiday ever

So I'm back home. Thanksgiving Break starts tomorrow (my parents picked me up and took me first to a really good pizza place in Clayton (Il Vicino's, for those familliar with the region), then to a Best Buy, then home, after my last class) and class restarts next Monday. This means I actually have a chance to recover, except for the homework assignments I have. I can do them- since my professors don't have a chance to give me more homework.

Usually, my parents haul me off to visit my relatives on my mother's side of the family at Thanksgiving. Because those trips usually make me ill- several days of junk food, cats, and my relatives can do that to me- and finals are close, they decided to allow me to stay home. Alone, and foraging through the refrigerator for food, which is actually preferable to staying on campus as I need a change from that for a while.

It'll let me get my homework done, and it means I'll be able to be on AIM from Friday until mid-Sunday, when they return. But it's still going to be boring.

Boring beats agonizing, which trips to Indiana usually are, so I'll accept what I've got!
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On Giving Money To People

So I just joined the ACLU. I'm stingy, so I only gave the minimum donation to be considered a member- which I'm pretty sure carries no benefits at all- but hey, it's a donation, and they can use it. Especially with what the Bush administration is doing, the American Civil Liberties Union needs all the help it can get...

Also, check out this pledge thing they're trying to do, just to get enough names to at least get some attention when President Botch is re-innaugurated.