November 18th, 2004

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Failure rerun

So I completely fucked up my Calculus III exam. I left over 50% of the questions blank.

It's frustrating. On question after question, I'd work through it, to come to an answer that wasn't one of the options. I'd search for my mistake, I'd redo the whole problem from the start with a different strategy- and I'd still make the same damn error, to get to the same damn answer that still isn't an option.

I went for the strategy of "do only the easy ones first" and didn't even get through all of those. I wasn't sure how to begin the others.

I can't pass the C- line now; I'll have no option but to retake the course. It is mathematically impossible for me to do better than a D, and improbable to not get an F.

Oh, and if I fail the retake, too, I'll be expelled. Failing the same class twice, if you need it for your major, gets you kicked out of Washington University, because they want to save you time and money- after all, you're clearly not going to pass it the third or fourth time.

What really sucks is that the only class Calculus III is a prereq for is the Stats class also specifically required for every Engineering School degree. And that one? Not a prereq for a single fucking thing I care about. I don't need Calc III or Stats for a single class I want, and I don't percieve it as being likely that I'll use a single fucking thing I learn in either class in my actual career.
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