November 5th, 2004

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So tomorrow is the ACM ICPC Regionals- that's International Collegiate Programming Contest. Or at least the regionals in my region. I'm 1/3 of Washington University's team- so wish me luck!

And luck with getting my heavy homework load done with Saturday completely shot.
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Long Hair

My teammates might be a little surprised tomorrow. I've just tied my hair back- it's finally long enough. And from the inspection I can do in the mirror, it looks pretty good. It's not perfect- my hair is still a little too short to tie it back quite right- but the use of subtle hairpins is a good enough solution for now. And I won't have my hair in my eyes when trying to program!

If I remember, I may or may not do a filtered post with a photo when I get back to my dorm on Sunday. I obviously can't get away with that now, at my parents' house...
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