October 29th, 2004

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Exhaustion and fun

The last week was utterly exhuasting. I managed to submit my actually working lab for CSE332 yesterday, before the extended deadline; Dr. Kuhns moved it from 4:00p to 11:59:59p, after he went to the CEC lab before class and found a large number of us frantically banging away, trying to get the lab in within the next five minutes.

I submitted the assignment at 11:59:48, according to the time-stamp of the auto-reply saying the lab was recieved in the electronic drop box.

That reflects working on it for a total of eight hours yesterday, eleven hours the day before yesterday, and a combined total of 45 hours on the two-week lab. That's too much for a three-credit course, y'know?

It was fun, though, to get a message from Dr. Goldman- my CSE 441 professor- informing me that even though my proof for problems 3 and 4a was not good enough for full marks, I'm getting full marks anyway, because I solved a much harder problem than the one she intended. I solved the problem over integers rather than natural numbers, with a complicated edge condition for the negative values- and not only that, but she's using my answer now as an example for the rest of the class. w00t.

And then I just got back from ACM Programming Contest Practice. Zhen and I correctly solved all three problems in an hour and a half with only two wrong submissions- while Ben and James could only get the easiest problem. It shows that my TopCoder skills are serving me well- Zhen numerically solved the hardest problem (case select, then formula regurgitation), while I whacked together two other really easy (if you know the trick) problems. Admittedly, I'd seen one of them before on TopCoder- the Anagrams problem. Just sort the letters...

Anyway, I'm really tired right now. But that's what's been keeping me busy the last few days.
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